Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Ram International Enterprise is a wholesaler for an extensive list of distributors to retailers. As a wholesaler, we do not engage in B2C (Business to Consumer) transactions only B2B (Business to Business).
To order any of our products. Please send an e-mail to

In your e-mail please include the following information:

– Business name and address
– Are you a distributor or retailer
– How did you hear about us
– The product codes of the products you are looking for
– The order quantities

We only sell our products based on case, box, cartons, packages, and sets. The minimum order quantities are listed in each individual product page.

If not listed, we do sell that particular product in individual pieces.

We ship our products across Canada and US.

Free shipping is not included in our orders.

For orders outside of British Columbia we use purolator. For orders inside British Columbia we use Tiger Courier.

Prepaid shipmenents will be charged on to your invoice.

If there is a courier you want us to use for Collect shipments, we are more than happy to use them.